Step Four Inventory: How are We Doing? Part 1

This week we will explore the first in a series on Step Four of the 12 Steps of Recovery. A Modern Day Samaritan Woman is giving step four a  “twist”. Step four is taking a fearless and moral inventory of ourselves. This weeks focus is on sibling rivalry. Yes, its normal, but, we are going to discuss when it is not. We will discuss bullying. MDSW will give part of her testimony.  Parental discretion is advised.


This is a painful topic for many and not often discussed, but, given the immense conflict in the body of Messiah, this may need to be discussed as a possible root issue…is there projecting going on? Maybe some of our filters have been skewed early in life and now it may be muddying our emotional and mental vision…possibly. maybe. let’s explore this.

Next week step 2 in the series How Are We Doing? Our focus will be  Widows and Orphans