Jerusalem Next! will be running prior shows, mostly teachings, for the coming weeks until the coronavirus and subsequent restrictions and lockdowns are concluded. On March 17, 2020, I publishes this article on Beast Watch News: Is This The Last Beast Watch News Article?

Rather than post online and risk being misunderstood as a false news reporting agency by the Jordanian government, I am now emailing PDFs with daily updates. Go to Beast Watch News to sign up to receive the updates.

Also, I have created a new forum for Beast Watch News readers/listeners. It requires registration to protect the forum from curious guests who may wish to cause problems and for other security reasons, as well. I have posted the daily updates there, as well.

Please enjoy the reruns. I will run those with specific prophetic content for your greater understanding of what is coming and, actually, what is happening now and about to happen.

Kimberly Rogers-Brown

Music by Mishkanim.