When we talk about faith, religion, goodness, and an afterlife to various people in the world, it is wise to first try and understand a person’s worldview; how one sees truth. How one defines good and even to ask the person that you are speaking with if, in fact, they believe in an afterlife or that this life is all that there is! This leads me to a number of questions.

  1. Is all of man or mankind in this world naturally or intrinsically good? No, I think not.
  2. Does man naturally possess a kind of goodness of soul even if it is not being currently accessed? I think yes, but from what kingdom “out there” does this good derive?
  3. Before our yet-future judgment day, is it possible to actually “top-up” our personal merit account to potentially gain a bit more meritorious credit that can be used to buy our way out of a divine judgment and buy our way into an afterlife in the World to Come?
  4. As for the Garden of Eden and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, did God plant that tree there? We will take a look at what the Hebrew text of Genesis 2:9 says. It just might surprise you!

Join us here on Ancient Roads: Real Israel Talk Radio for 50-minutes of thoughts on all these questions and so much more. This is program AR201024, Episode number 42, with Avi ben Mordechai.