Eating bugs diminishes our body’s _____ system.  Just how bad is the Ohio derailment and explosion of toxic materials?  Is AI in any machine to be trusted?  Should our government have been so cavalier about the balloon that just traversed our country? Was the Turkey earthquake retribution for refusing interfering with NATO’s plans?  Are Russia and China preparing for war?  Is Israel establishing a theocracy in order to be the head of the final globalist government?  According to info to Steven, what has Israel voiced re the USA? Are Noahide Laws already an enacted part of our government?  Please join Steven and Bonnie as we discuss the beginning of final show-down between the enemy and our wonderful, merciful Savior, Yeshua.

Enemy’s Plans

Dollar backed by nothing:

Cash limit under CBDC in UK:

CBDC’s are programmable, controllable digital smart money:

Maryland seek to vaxx kids without parental consent:

BoA CEO preparing for US default:,possibility%20that%20cannot%20be%20ignored

Crickets contain chitin – a disease promoting substance:

Gates tells trashes vaxxes after he sells all his shares in BioNTech:


Whole body and facial recognition system in Nebraska:

Doorbell ring cameras:

Europe-wide agreement of ID sharing (prints, photos, facial recognition, etc):

States, Ireland, Nigeria, Australia increase deployment of facial recognition technology:

Church of England will refer to God as gender neutral:

NHS nurse, “Medical workers know but continue to jab.”:

Doctors waking up to how corrupt medical system is: 2.2

Funeral director John O’Looney re meeting with top official in UK:

Vaxx toll on US servicemen/women:

All vaxxes will be mRNA:

130 food processing plants destroyed in <2 yrs:

Canada, we’ll gather and track unvaxxed:

Fine and criminal record in UK for using wood- burning stove: 2.3

VISA offers restaurants $10k to go cashless:

Thailand to repudiate Pfizer contracts after jabbed princess falls into coma:

NO flu in 2020, 2021, when all flu was labeled “Covid” to scare the populace into the poison jab: 2.3

Lack of logic re vaxx pushing:

CA judge rules effort to muzzle physician warnings and advice re vaxx is illegal:

After vaxx caused clots, Pfizer’s new cash cow is blood thinner:

Truth is winning so globalists double down to conceal it: 2.6

Abortion to now be open satanic ritual:

Bugs in our bread? Read labels!:

Consumers (linked in with digital ID) will measure their own carbon footprint:

How digital ID’s work:

Let’s give clothing digital ID’s “to help the planet”: 2.6

Eggs block spike from bonding:

SIDS, 1990-2019, 78% within week of vaccination: 2.7

Federal money for censorship pouring in to science and politics:

Declassified 1962 Northwoods doc of military proposals to deceive public “be attacked” by Cuba: 2.4

Movement in Switzerland to prosecute those in charge with crimes re jab/mandates; Thailand to follow?:

New credit card based upon carbon usage?: 2.5

Myocarditis not from Covid but from jab:

States, incl CA, seek to end vaxx mandate for school children, “should never have been normalized”:

Tedrous – prepare for H1N1 bird flu pandemic:  2.9


Train Derailment/Explosion, Ohio

Ohio rail cars intentionally blown up:

Pics of toxic cloud: 2.8;

Map of toxic plume:

Nearby fish start dying:

Toxic cloud over town:

Farmland, dairies, wells, streams subject to toxic fallout:

Townspeople let back in but all contaminated:  2.10

Fish die-off in E. Palestine streams:



Spontaneous fires and “malintent” of electric AI vehicles:

Times robots tried to harm humans:

Turkey Earthquake

What? What is happening in Turkey?: 2.6

Turkey earthquake:

Associated with strange lights in sky: 2.7

More other-worldly lights: 2.7

More lights before and during quake: 2.8

Turkey quake – HAARP punishment?:

Strange red cloud in Turkey before quake: One of these weird clouds was seen in Turkey just days before the earthquake: 2.8

HAARP in a nutshell: 2.7

Screaming victims underneath blocks of collapsed buildings:  2.6

Photos of Turkey:

Does the damaged area seem to match the strange cloud that showed up prior to the quake?:  2.9



Balloon story:

Clearest image of Chinese spy balloon loitering over US military installations: 2.3

Biden, “Don’t shoot it down and hurt people on the ground.”: P 2.3

Pathe of Chinese balloon:

Picture of balloon:


Nord Stream 2

How US took out Nordstream 2:

US took out NordStream 2:

Russia seeking validity of Hersh Blog Info:

Ron Paul re Victoria Nuland:


Ukraine/Kenetic War

Too late. Biden offers Russia Donbas to end war: 2.2

Ukr men cannot walk down street without being drafted: 2.5

American foreign policy in a nutshell:

This is the state of our nation/world – kinetic war:

2 Russian soldiers drown after chemical weapons assault:

Ukraine parliament drafting law that would allow NATO troops within its country:  2.10

Russia changes policy to allow nuclear first strike:

China preparing for war: 2.9