Is it legal for the mainstream media to lie to us?  What steps are being considered in order to “encourage” people to get jabbed?  Why is our wonderful and historically honorable country disintegrating before our eyes?  What are the Sins of Balaam and how can we see this “formula” being displayed before us?  What is the new lockdown date that was shared with Steven?  What does Steven have to say about Taiwan and the southern border of Lebanon?  Please join us for a look at potholes we must avoid in order to keep walking toward our redemption by our wonderful, merciful Savior.

Coming soon – deletion of websites:

Can the mainstream media intentionally lie?

When X-Files tells the truth:

Military mandatory jab:

France – hospitals for jabbed only:

No buy/sell for unjabbed coming soon:  by Richie from Boston

Oppressed/oppressor Marxist dialectic in action:

Huge new prison camp in UK:

Phillipines – no jab/no food: