Per Steven’s intel, we should be aware of the threat of a asteroid hitting this fall about the time of the Fall Feasts.  Will this be Father’s “announcement” during Yom Teruah of the final globalist effort?  Where is it expected to land?  What would be the ramifications?  (Please ask Father about this.)  How many Hadron colliders are there in the world?  What is the purpose of this atom smasher?  Could this possibly been how fallen angels were able to ___?  Will this happen again?  Is there anything the un-“vaccinated” we can do to avoid being stopped at grocery store doors?  Please join Steven and Bonnie for another look at the days of noah and “afterward” and our own future.

Steve’s note:  “As a result of HIPAA compliance concerns I would ask that you inquire with health care insurance company [name].” (knowing the insurance company will not disclose)