Is Mossad training ISIS/al Nusra/Iranian Mujahadeen for missions in the Middle East just as we saw recently with the 2 oil tankers?  Were some of these members witnessed in UAE trying to buy boats just like the boats in the videos of the alleged Iranian Republic navy taking something off a tanker?  Why is Iran now boasting that they could take out the American naval fleet?  What was the summary that one high ranking US official recently told Steven ben Nun?  What about our southern border?  Join us for a scene from the nightmare that will be the Flashpoint.  (The first half is a bad recording of my voice; fortunately, I don’t talk much.  Smiles.  My copy was “stolen” [our IT guy says no; I say yes. Had to get an “outside” copy .]  Plus today, my google account was entered through our broadband company; I’ll identify them tomorrow.  This copy is at least the information.)