More and more commentators are lamenting the fact that ‘errors’ like a NOT-vaccine that is neither safe, nor effective, and show trials that demonstrate not only how far from the Rule of Law a once-free nation has descended, seem to have resulted in a “loss of trust” in once-respected institutions.

But, host Mark Call suggests, as strongly as possible, that not only are “institutions” like “modern medicine” and Big Pharma and the FBI, DoJ, CIA, DEA, CDC, and – well, pick three letters – NOT trustworthy, they are worthy of ‘negative trust.’ EXPECT that what they tell you is a lie.

Which leads to the theme for this week’s show, even though the message remains “come out of her.”

When we come to realize and expect that we ARE being fed lies, and that people who put their hand on a Bible and lie are not worthy of spite, much less trust, it helps to clarify where we need to focus.