Is Israel waiting until after Pesach to deliver its real retaliation against Iran?  Both Steve and I had externally shut down at about the 16.30 mark in the second half.  Please take note of the topic we were discussing.  Evidently, we were too close to …  Please pray for protection.  Is mass media finally admitting that Ukraine doesn’t stand a chance against Russia?  Was it all about phenomenal amounts of US taxpayer funding (to whom?) and the depletion of armament reserves of western nations?  Can you feel an uneasiness?  Please be in prayer and under the wing as we approach a time of the separation of the sheep and goats.  Chag Sameach.

Oct 7 inside job, most comprehensive documentary I’ve come across, a must-see:
Rancher’s report on mRNA test “vaccination” of his hogs:
New Scottish no “hate” speech law debacle:
Vaxx injuries lower in blue states, targeted genocide?:
Please pray for those who think they’re sheep but are being lead by goats:
Well the red heifer be sacrificed in secret after the “AGREEMENT TO DIVIDE THE LAND”?:
Air BnB’s for June 6 and later:
Massive death/illness in wake of vaxx update:
Biden gifted Iran $80 billion:
C19 vaxxes increase cancer 14,000%:
Bar Yousef Canal: