Are the days of Yeshua’s walk upon this earth 2,000 years ago repeating itself – in the people, the religious leaders, and the political leaders? What was the (horrifying) cause of the recent disturbance at the Miami mall? Please join Steve and Bonnie as we teeter on the brink of WWIII, a prerequisite for global acceptance of the Final Beast Empire.  But take heart, it’s about to become quite wonderful:

“In those days, at that time,”
declares YHWH,
“the people of Israel and the people of Judah together
will go in tears to seek YHWH their God.  Jer 50:3

Reason Jews kicked out of Gaza in ’05 and Gaza flattened in ’23-24, absolutely scathing overview of Sharon’s treason against God:

Ariel’s son – “no regrets”:

With Jews expelled, Hamas moves into Gaza, disregard the human “prophecy” at the end:

Syn of Satan will each have 2,800 slaves when their messiah returns:


Talmud Research- Zionist views on Non Jews: “Non Jews Are Beasts to Serve Us as Slaves”

Oppose central bankers and get death/defeat:

Hamas CIA created:
Opening statement at Hague of case against Israel:

Root cause of climate change is sun, not carbon:
Hamas established by US/Israel as counterbalance to Arafat:
Hamas et al created to further globalism:
Protocols of Zion – take out real?:
2 AI ChatGPT demons planning human extinction:
Chips required to prove vaxx and boosters: _gates_ama_mandatory_microchip _implants/?rdt=43105
Here we go again – WEF planning forum for “Disease X”:
Vexas, a new autoimmune disease linked to C19 vaxx, could attack every organ:
Beings in Miami:

Crowds fleeing in Miami:

Eye witness father:

Another eye witness: