Is Natanyahu’s judicial reform a strengthening of democracy in Israel or a first step in the establishment of a Talmudic state?  Is much of the body of Christianity urging support for Israel in any changes they make?  Is the purpose of the Ukraine war to deplete the west of all military resources prior to an attack by Russia/China?  Are we on the brink of stepping off into a freefall that will take us face-to-face with our Messiah?


Repeat: Netanyahu ordered by leader Schneerson to “hasten ‘messiah’s’ coming”:

Repeat: In 2014, Netanyahu promised the Haredi that Talmud et al would be the law of the land:

Principles of Kahane now provides platform for many in the coalition, who was he?:

Netanyahu’s felonious coalition:

Open letter to Congress, signed by former Israeli diplomats, explains some of what has happened politically, including that reasonableness repeal is only the first of 100 newly proposed laws:

Kahane ideals:

Ben-Gvir convicted:

Haredi move to insert yeshivah students as exempt from IDF service:

Israel needs a constitution:

After Netanyahu’s lurch to the right, elections held today would defeat Likud soundly:

Democratic Israel takes exception to a religious (Talmudic) government:

As a result of reasonableness repeal, 10% of working physicians in Israel seek employment/relocation in another country:

Post reasonableness repeal, 58% of Israelis fear civil war, 49% concerned re IDF readiness:

Haredi disproportionate birth rate in Israel:

Education Min. resigns and Defense Min. fired after vote:

Brief timeline and initial fallout of the repeal of reasonableness:

Interesting discussion of the issues – judicial and media independence – in Israel:

Hints of Supreme Court cancellation of judicial “reform”?:

Former PM, Ehud Olmert, states Israel headed for civil war:

Israel’s Supreme Court to discuss repeal of reasonableness 9.12, can/will it overturn?:

Netanyahu coalition can do what it wants:

Supreme Court v Basic Law in Israel:

Israel – Legal penalty based upon race?!:

Israeli sellers vandalize Christian tombstones:
Israeli police tell Catholic abbot to hide the cross around his neck:

Will Israeli political unrest lead to Ez 38-39? Minutes 3:30-5:40:
Praying/singing at western wall for their Moshiach:

Orthodox consider the state of Israel illegitimate? Only the “messiah” can establish such a state?:

Netanyahu supported gay march in Jerusalem in 2015, giving police protection:

2023, Netanyahu appoints anti-gay in charge of Jewish identity post:

If coalition laws are struck down, we won’t obey:

Former IDF chief – Israel descending into Kahanist state:

Open letter to Congress from former Israeli diplomat, Tova Herzl:



Vaxx pusher McConnell vacates his brain: 7.26

Dr. Malone discusses lack of testing re childhood vaxx schedule:

Why no testing? They know results would be bad:

C19 vaxx more destructive of immune system than realized:

“Vaccines should never be mandated under EUA, here’s why”:

China: people queuing to get eye scan fir digital ID: 7.26

Proof graphene oxide IS in the vaxx despite months-years long denials:

HIV vaxx coming; take every 2 mos.:

Moderna boosters cause 3,000x’s more heart damage than thought:



UN Chief announces dawn of global “boiling” – carbon increase or neutron star system arrival?: 7.27

WEF: “conspiracy theorists” must be eliminated:

Canadian wildfire crosses border: 7.31

Kill the trees and birds for wind energy:

Is wind energy reliable?:

Former advisor to Australian legislator re wind energy – “nothing about it works”: 7.30

“Recycling” for “green” energy turbines: 7.30

Biden seizes all energy, food, production in response to “manmade climate crisis”:



Less trust across the board: 8.1 8.1

A “must listen” Politicians are actors, no oaths of office, globalist plans being frustrated:

Vatican says alcoholics, the autistic, sex abuse victims, dementia suffers, the depressed, etc, should be put to death to fight climate change:


 Ukraine troops surrender:

Ukraine provoking WWIII by attacking Moscow?:

Russian bombers headed toward Caspian Sea from border of Finland:

US draft coming:


Trump 2024?: