Is the repeal of the reasonableness standard in Israel a strengthening of democracy or an opening for a Talmudic state? What do former IDF chiefs, Mossad directors, Israel Medical Assn., and the Israel Bar Assn. have in common regarding this lurch toward a far-right policy?  What did Netanyahu promise the Haredi in 2014?  With what concepts did Menachem Schneerson counsel Netanyahu in 1990?  What did NATO order Ukrainian troops to do early last Sunday morning?  With the 9th of Av ushering itself in at sundown, July 26, what is the state of the world?  Let’s rededicate ourselves to keeping our eyes on Yeshua, who stands knocking on the only door that will allow us to exit to safety.


Extreme orthodoxy emboldened by Netanyahu’s right wing government: (first 6 min)
“Reasonableness” is one of only a few checks and balances in Israel:

Threatened mutiny of Israeli military in face of reasonableness exclusion:

Benny Gantz at Western Wall urging Netanyahu to stop reasonableness legislation, citing “rift in the nation”:

Israel: Police starting to use water canons and arrests against demonstrators; Ben-Gvir wants incarceration:

Right wing demonstrators turn violent against press:

un-“Reasonableness Standard” passes in the Knesset, 64-0, in the 120 seat body. 56 members of Knesset absent in protest?:

All IDF chiefs, all former Mossad directors had opposed the repeal of the reasonableness standard:

March, ‘23, 2 Knesset members introduce bill to outlaw Christianity:

1990, Netanyahu ordered by Schneerson, adored by many Jews, to be more diligent about doing everything he could to bring about their messiah (not Yeshua):

In 2014, Netanyahu promised the Haredi that Talmud et al would be the law of the land:

Israeli health care grappling with striking physicians:;

Moody’s lowers Israel’s credit rating due to recent ruling, other ramifications of new law:

Netanyahu’s felonious coalition:


2030, Chip, CBDC’s

WEF – implanted chip necessary if you want to participate in society:
CBDC’s erase freedom:

Loud noise of humiliation and warning from phone if credit score is low: 6.22

Yelled in airport and social credit score punished: 6.22

Look into the Camera to gain entrance: 7.12

Klaus: you’ll be chipped by 2026: 7.23

Chip coming with CBDC’s: 7.19

Putin signs bill creating digital rubel: 7.24


AI is demonic and hates humans

AI robot conference:
AI preacher in German church: 6.27

Robot anger:


Pandemics until 2030

10 years of pandemics:

Bill Gates releases infected mosquitoes ahead of his malaria vaxx:
Vaxx patches in the mail soon:
Australia’s fix for skyrocketing cardiac adverse reactions:

Over 60,000% increase in child deaths from vaxx:

Despite carnage, CDC wants Covid vaxx on childhood schedule:

Too many vaxx refusers? Spray the graphene oxide from planes: 6.28

Bloodclots ooze from vaxxed leg: 7.12

Dr. McCullough reports on autopsies that showed 74% of post vaxx deaths were vaxx related/caused: 7.12

Simple chart – more vaxxes = more autism: 7.12

Male vaxx recipients sterile? Just spike proteins in testes: 7.20


Failed star Nibiru and surrounding planets

More and more pictures of Nibiru system (failed sun and 7-8 planets): 7.9 7.7

How earthly power works: 7.12


Climate change hoax (for control)

Nobel Laureate says climate change has metastasized from junk science:


Sins of Balaam

Vatican calls for normalization of perversion and inclusion into parishes:



Another $1.3 billion for Ukraine: 7.18

Cuba announces will accept Russian missiles:

Ukraine (NATO) drone targets Moscow high rise:

Poland wants parts of Ukraine?:

NATO orders Ukraine to abandon front line and seek shelter:

Russian/China finish massive military drill in Asia: