There is an attempt at coup d’état in Russia as we speak.  Evidently, the hardliners in Russian power are tired of Putin’s patience and feel that Russia is being dishonored and are willing to use the Wagner Group, a private army, as their own army.  Those who support a “strong Russia” are urged to take to the streets to receive arms. Roadblocks, troops on streets, civilians headed to bunkers, etc., are all occurring. The onus for the US is that the hardliners would be more willing to use Russia’s one and only superiority – nukes. This might get very real very quickly.  Will Henry Gruver’s vision of the nuking of America come true before the end of this year?  “I am with you always, even unto the end of the age.”


Military hires perverts preferentially:
Pentagon/gram, i.e., taxpayer, to pay for transgender medical care of armed forces:

NWO’s #1 fear – truth:
Mass exercise of community dealing with new pandemic, looks like Ebola-type:
How to deal with used tires in any country other than the west:
NATO arsenals empty; $100 billion worth of weapons/equipment in last year:
Asteroth conducted sex changes:

WEF declares self to be (a) god and petitions UN to ban Bible:

Harari/AI “Bible” will teach worship of the antichrist: 6.12

UK govt signs with Google to use its AI:

Spike protein is a bio weapon to cause death within 2 years:

Social credit score and how it’s used: 6.15

We will be gods with divine powers: 6.16

In 4 years, non-binary students in NJ schools increases by 4218%: 6.17

More of Social Credit Score keeping us safe: 6.16

SADS is vaxx related, 26-min vid:

Prepare for Chinese dump of dollar:

Western Alaska without internet/communications:

Foretaste of our future: 6.21

Save the planet, don’t have kids: 6.19

Spike in military activity throughout CONUS:

UN’s new censoring vehicle, iVerify, is here: 6.20

Biden admin knew last Sunday that submersible had imploded but said nothing to distract media coverage from Hunter:

Don’t trust AI, it lies:

Nuclear plant to be blown in Ukraine, Zaporozhye?, no, a southern plant:

oporWhy the enemy wants followers of Yeshua dead:

Mass dispersion of military equipment throughout CONUS:

Russia implementing “FORTRESS PLAN”:

Military vehicles moving on roads with razor wire and sound weapons:

Chaos in Russia with Russian Wagner group having been bombed:


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