Get spiritually and mentally prepared, America: missiles along CA coast pointed toward the ocean; the largest NATO exercise in history, June 12-24; Congress told to go home; “last resort” Kakhovka Dam destroyed; threat re Kerch Strait Bridge; Zaporozhe nuclear plant at risk over falling river levels.  What’s up?  Rather, keeping looking up for our salvation draws nigh.

Target donates money for secret trans programs in schools:
Public school in Conn., 8th grade assignment. Get your kids out!: 6.4

“Pride” in public schools:

AI drone reportedly turns on operator in simulation:
Quebec fires:
Fire in Quebec renders visibility in NYC: 6.7

CA law allows baby murder up to 28 days after birth: 6.4

John Moore/Mike Adams: WWIII before end of year, US bringing out mothballed weaponry:
Ukraine shells Russian territory causing Russian relocation:

Life cycle of US taxpayer weaponry – US to Ukraine to black market to cartels to illegals coming through southern border to a neighborhood near you/me: 6.1

US weapons stockpile too low to defend Taiwan:

Truth about lab-grown meat:

How dare you feed yourself:; 6.6

Vaxx patch: 6.3

Dead/maimed cows reportedly post mRNA vaxx:

Thought provoking vid. 14 min. Is the graphene in the vaxx related to “black goo”?: 6.2

Black goo. Is it sentient? Is it remotely programmable?:

Harald Krautz Vella re black goo:

Vaxx can render one antibiotic resistant and alter the genetic line from parent to child: 6.5

WHO will probably put EU-style vaxx passports into their mandatory rules: 6.5

June 5 – WHO announces “digital health certification network,” prelude to The Mark?:

Clashes still occurring in Israel re judicial “reform”:

Simcha Rothman, Head of Constitution, Law and Justice Committee (advocate for Talmudic Law in Israel), seizes megaphone in NYC (why the upside down video?):

Owner of above megaphone files police report re the scuffle:

Has the far right govt of Israel emboldened the anti-Yeshua spirit?: 5.28

Deputy mayor of Jerusalem joins anti-Yeshua protest: 5.28

Israel Day parade in NYC protests judicial “reform”:

Insider explains how private planes are retrofitted with chemtrail spraying ability and compensation ($10/gal of poison released): 6.4

Contracts prove chemtrailing:

Private car ban commences: 6.2

NYC wants illegals to be housed in spare bedrooms in private homes (this is why the census asked Americans the number of bedrooms vs the number of members of the household):

WEF married Google to skew search results (try 6.1

Our future with headsets and augmented AI?!: 6.5

Apple’s Vision Pro will alter reality: 6.6

Oculus’ death-inducing headset if you lose:

Where’s the Pope? Awaiting surgery?: 6.7

#1 enemy of NWO is Christians:

Christian arrested at homosexual parade: 6.7

Dam gone; horrific flooding along Dnipro River:

McCarthy send Congress home early:;

Ukraine doing poorly; WWIII?:

How’d Ukraine war start?:

Anatomy of a coup (in Ukraine):

History – Kieb bombs the Donbass:

History:  2014, Donbass votes overwhelmingly to return to Russia:

Map of Black Sea to Atlantic:

Map of Dardanelles:

Analysis of Kakhovka Dam event:

Result of dam failure:

Ukraine Gen. Kovalchuk says blowing dam would be “last resort”:

Evidence Dnipro River was raised to highest level before release of water June 6:

Map of Kerch Strait Bridge, connecting Crimea to Russia:


Just for fun: 6.2

More just for fun: 6.2