Patent obtained in 2017 shows that the jab is a bio____.  WEF calls for global control of ____.  Predictive programming of “Blackjack” portrayed ____.  Where are we according to Albert Pike’s description of three world wars?  Why would Netanyahu want a preemptive strike on Israel?  The WHO wants to move from “advisory” to ____.  The final Treaty is expected to be adopted by the UN in ___. How many recent wars have been started by false flags?  Are we, right now, in the early stages of a false flag?  What exercise is upcoming that might give us concern for a false flag?  Are top Russians headed to bunkers?  As the enemy is trying to weave a web of death for all religions and all mankind, the Almighty is putting the finishing touches on the dry bones.  Put on the full armor of God and stand ready.

Henry Gruver re Fall of America:

Warning re west coast earthquake and Mt. Popocatepetl:

Has been taken down – Livestream of Popocatepetl (just obliterating eruption haze but you can hear the ash/rain? falling):

NASA – public needs better data re UFO’s:

WEF issues threat re cyber attack on power grid, with malware able to do so being revealed 2 mos. later:

Malware, CosmicEnergy, can take down the power grid:

Karen Kingston on Twitter – 2017 patent admits biowarfare agent:

European Medicines Agency (EMA) admits jab attacks fertility:

Video of “Operation Blackjack,” 2009, where FF’s bring about martial law, chips, North American Union/etc in June of some year, insightful analysis:

Basic “Operation Blackjack” without commentary:

“There will be three world wars” –

Climate Czar, Recycled Tired Old Kerry, announces war on food, the rationale for which is lies: 5.31

WEF says future is socially responsible stakeholder capitalism: 5.26

Pope Francis “has cold,” clears schedule: 5.26

Chip promotions: 5.26

Pandemic Treaty now mandatory?: 5.26

Pandemic Treaty wants to be binding agreement:

North Korea now sits on WHO board: 5.31

Wait.  Have you SEEN how truly satanic the children’s clothing has become?! 28-sec. vid:

Saudi Arabia, the previous guarantor of the “petro dollar,” now want to join BRICS: 5.28

Chinese do free roadside labor to improve their social credit scores: 5.30

Largest NATO exercises ever to commence June 12-24:

Is June 12-24 the start of WWIII?:

Ukrainian troops shoot commander in head rather than be sent to the front:

Israel planning first strike on Iran?:

Per RFK Jr., US has spent/pledged $113 billion in Ukraine:

Ukraine coup is CIA doing:

Gulf of Tonkin, classic false flag:

Ukraine continues to attack neighboring Russia:

Ukraine continues to send drones into Russia:

Russian major players heading to bunkers in Caucus Mts.?:

US breaks START Treaty by hiding all info re nukes:

Why Dr.Rashid Buttar was killed:
Woke transnationals know it’s jump on or lose:
West outgunned:
Messiah 2030:

FBI given bank records of Jan 6 defendants w/o warrant: 5.20

New terminal illness in Canada? Homelessness?: 5.17

Worse pandemic coming says WHO leader, Ghebreyesus: 5.23

No pregnancies after jab, Planned Parenthood to let 15% of staff go: 5.24

FDA approves Neuralink: 5.26

WHO Pandemic Treaty would be threat to freedom:


Preview YouTube video Messiah 2030 ~ The Prophetic Messianic Timeline – Part 1

Messiah 2030 ~ The Prophetic Messianic Timeline – Part 1