How are some of the new post holders in the Israeli government similar to the ancient zealots?  What are sitting off all our coasts?  Are there signs already that the Silicon Valley bank failure will spread?  Housing in DC jail so bad that 34 J6 incarcerated defendants have requested to be transferred to ____.  How does the Saudi-Iran recognition of each other complicate Israeli plans to engage Iran? If Iranians get ____ from Russia, Israel would have no defense.  What has the Biden administration said re Israeli plans to bomb Iran?  Ukraine is a catalyst for ____.  Please join Steve and Bonnie for another week of watching prophecies become reality.

Russia moving ICBM’s:
What the WHO is proposing:
WHO Pandemic Treaty ready by May 2024, effectuated by May 2025: Pandemic Treaty Will Usher in Unelected One World Government:

American Community Survey (ACS), 28 pages of detailed questions about your life, health, home, family, friends, habits, finances, coming to all mailboxes, etc: The Right to Be Let Alone: When the Government Wants to Know All Your Business:

Birds falling from sky 400 mi. from E Palestine:

Biden reaffirms giving US health sovereignty to WHO: 3.2

Jab in first trimester more effective abortion than abortion pill: 2.26

San Diego school board could be criminally liable for C19 mandates:

Ben Gvir to “celebrate” Ramadan by destroying “illegal homes in East Jerusalem”:

40 retired police officers ask Netanyahu to get rid of National Sec Min ben-Gvir before he starts another Intifada:

IDF Maglan forces to quit if judicial “reform” becomes law:

Bourla, Pfizer head, “Better days are ahead. Covid was merely a rehearsal.”: 3.6

Fenced, guarded 15-min cities in China: 3.6

China collecting every conceivable detail of a person: 3.7

McCarthy to Zelensky: No, I won’t visit Ukraine and no more blank checks:

Derailments and high density cities: 3.8

Reduction in uptake of infant vaccines corresponds with decrease in infant mortality: 3.1

Bank failure, Silicon Bank:

Former CDC Dir. Dr. Redfield, “Covid engineered”:

Electric supply cut to Ukrainian nuclear plant:

Pediatricians paid bonus to vaccinate:

Pediatric uptake of vaccines lower:

New source of organs for transplantation – newborns:

Silicon Valley Bank closed:

IAEA not happy with Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant security:

Russian subs off US coasts:

Tucker Carlson J6 tapes:,

J6 “insurrection” re-visited:

Is Israel’s new government a modern-day “zealot”?:

“Noisome” AG prevents Ben Gvir from firing Tel Aviv police commander over protests to judicial “reform”:

Jailed J6 defendants request removal to Guantanamo Bay:


Link to Prayer Guide for One for Israel, Yeshua believers under fire in Israel by the new government: