The new EKG “acceptable” reading for pilots “accommodates people who have “___ injury,” states a cardiologist.  The FDIC insures $9 trillion with  $___ billion. Within ____ of Germany defaulting, the US defaults. Why is BlackRock buying up entire neighborhoods of single family homes?  Are electric batteries a way to help “save the planet”? Jabbed people will ___ under UV light. What western country is ordering a professional to “re-education” for wrong-think? Is Russia taking steps toward the destruction of Mystery Babylon (the US)?  Is the Israeli government against its own citizens? What government is reportedly going into bunkers today for a week?  Please join Steven and Bonnie as we await the Empowerment through Yeshua.


EKG’s of pilots no longer normal but it’s OK says FAA :

Temporary morgues across UK to manage excessive deaths:

Easy-to-read graph, stunning: 1.15

“Coincidence” of jab introduction and death: 1.16

Vaxx timing linked to declining fertility:

Good set of data/graphs re vaxxed v unvaxxed:

Vaxx for flock animals already here:

Covid “variant” more likely to hit vaxxed:

77 edits in past 48 hrs of commodio cordis (strike to chest influencing heart function, think Damar Hamlin): 1.6

Damaged immune systems in graph form:

German study – sudden death spike NOT being caused by vaxx is 1 in almost 400 billion (so much for coincidence not being causation gaslighting): 1.11

mRNA vaxxes for cancer and Lyme disease coming – all vaxxes will be mRNA:


Cyprus-style heist

Financial collapse starts in Germany (Wilkerson):

Leaked FDIC vid of secrecy, legal changes that suck value out of banks, bank runs soon?

Bankers discuss bail-ins to deal with impending market collapse:

Cryptocurrency tops $1 trillion:

Neither bank nor crypto holders own their money:,enough%20value%20available%20to%20repay%E2%80%9D%20them%2C%20Glenn%20wrote;

Vid – They’re hiding imminent collapse:


Save the Planet, Become a Serf with Us in Control

Is green energy devastating the world?:

Davos crowd going “full save-the-planet” in order to enact more lockdowns and digitize our lives:

CDC planning secret meeting to counter unfavorable vaxx truth:

EXC: CDC To Hold Secret Meeting Plotting ‘Public Health Tool’ To Address ‘Vaccine Misinformation.’

Global elites, BlackRock, plot to own Ukraine and American homes:

BlackRock Plots to Buy Ukraine

BlackRock and Vanguard own/run the world:

Hypocracy on steroids, Davos:

Soros and Schwab no show:

Audio #1 re incoming Planet X:

Audio #2 re same:

Vid of Bourla, Pfizer chief, being grilled in Davos by truth seeking journalists:


Vid. The High Cost of Green, Congo decimated by pollution/birth defects/damaged soil/etc:

Near Future

Cannibalism – One human body can feed up to 40 people:

North American Union a reality?:


Planet X approaches?:

Anti vaxx efforts “deadlier than global terrorism”: 1.7

Creepy luciferase luminous arm: 1.14

Pfizer donates $1 million to Republican Party of Tenn: 1.13

AI (read “demon” says Musk) to censor internet:

Robodogs on street (awful language, turn off sound): Q 1.12

Serious damage to ability of west to reproduce:

After collapse above, Russian invasion:

Russia moves to cancel all EU treaties:

Increases draft to 1.5 million troops:

German politician decries failure of memory re Ukraine:

Anti-aircraft defense on top of Moscow buildings:

Example of hatred of the world without reason:

Debauchery before Marxist Revolution (Sins of Balaam destroy God’s protection), Harvard trains medical professionals to treat “transgender infants” (truly vomitous):


A Bit of Fun

Antifascist Blues, a bit of fun and truth: