Are we facing nuclear war?  Is the vaxx a military operation – regulatory agencies superfluous?  Is “authorization” merely theater?  Are the winds of anti-vaxxer hostility being blown in the direction of conservatives?  Christians?  What simulation just finished that could herald more of the same or worse?  Has the west crossed a red line in Ukraine?  What does Steven’s intel show re nuclear war?  Which current regime is the enemy’s choice for military enforcement of the final beast empire?  Do we have any information re their value of human life?  What kind of war games are the _____ currently running?  What___ cities are the target for nukes?  There’s a war on for the souls of man; heaven is recruiting.  Afraid?  You’re in good company – so were Moses, Gideon, were Jeremiah.  The LORD will equip us.


Jab for 6 mo olds: (12.8)

Spike produced by vaxx is cardio toxic: (12.9)

Obama admits to WEF that vaxxed global population IS the “testing”: (12.11)
Vaxxes will sterilize entire generation:

Shots linked with severe respiratory disease: (12.11)
Vietnam – no autism till vaccines entered country about 1999-2000: 12.14

Bivalent boosters don’t work:

Quick graphs re abortion rates:
10-min summary of major vaxx senatorial info panel: 12.13
More from Sen. Johnson’s info panel: 12.13

More pain/pandemics to come

Gates, Johns et SoHopkins, et al, just simulated another pandemic, a more lethal enterovirus from Brazil: (12.10)
Australias installing defibrillators outside homes:
Red Cross warns re “enormous” suffering in ‘23: 12.14

Military operation

Iron clad vaxx laws for immunity unconstitutional?: (12.9)
Homeland’s Majorkas, 20 Congressmen call for removal over immigration:

Majorkas proud of illegal immigration and plans to increase:

Who is Gen. Austin, head of DoD? (ans – a head facilitator of disastrous exit from Afghanistaon):;

HHS Becerra admits vaxxes preferentially killing non-whites:

Profound ppt talk re jabs are military operation, all else is theater:

Persecution of anti vaxxers

Unvaxxed discrimination similar to racial: (12.9)

Anti vaxxers creating the side effects of vaxx:
Newest definition of “psychosis” – govt trying to harm you: 12.14

Final Beast Empire
Central bank will have total control over digital currency: (12.9)
Kiddie TV in Netherlands urges children to get chips in their brain: (12.10)

The true Elon Musk: (12.11)
“Pregnancy” of the future: (12.11)
UV lighting going up in Europe and US to identify vaxx status: (12.11)
China – horrifying lack of respect for life?: (12.11)
Fauci’s replacement controlled by CCP?: (12.11)

CBDC is device “under your skin”: 12.11
Must have 100 pts of “social credit” to access internet, Australia:

Musk is theater:
Ecto Labs – 30,000 lab grown babies/yr: 12.12
Metaverse pretend children: 12.12
First Abrahamic Accord in Rome to set up 1-world religion: revelations and rabbit 12.12
Cambridge dictionary has new definition of “woman”:

Twist – climate change creates pandemics:

Here is the horrifying NWO model for “life”: 12.13

How social credit score works in Australia: 12.12
Leading cause of death in Canada – euthanasia:

Same sex Bill passes: (12.8)
Biden/Marriage Act re what constitutes hate speech: 12.14

Perversion indoctrination in exclusive elementary school (vomit warning): (12.7)

War with Russia et al

US set to cross red line and send Patriot missiles to Ukraine:

Russia aims ICBM NUKES toward Europe:

Unbelievable.  Soldiers identifying as American soldiers visit a Ukrainian house to ask for a map: