Are Covid shots a military operation? Is that why the shot is so toxic, was inadequately tested, has been surrounded by censorship and so many other anomalies?  How were the laws changed to enable mass injury and death without liability?  Over __ thirds of the operation leaders are employed by the Department of _____.  Is there evidence that covid is overwhelmingly the flu?  French TV is grooming prepubescent children into believing that the unvaccinated should be _____.  PCR swabs ____ under UV light. Messianic Shiman Allalouf in Jerusalem feels that the Netanyahu government will give strong support for _____ persecution in Israel and _____ the land.  What was Steven told by those in charge concerning “every day in January”?  ____ are living on planets in our solar system.  Which country will lead the NWO? Jam packed 50 minutes.  Time to polish our armor and fall on our knees.  Bless each one.


 80% miscarriage rate: (11.30); (12.4) miscarriages on stunning chart
Pilot vaxx impairment:

Covid is just the flu: (11.29)
Miscarriages per year since 1990, stunning graph: (12.4)

Huge uptick in cancer:

Outraged professed emeritus lashes Japan’s health board:

10,000% increase in cancer after vaxxes:

About every 2 mos now: (12.1)
White clot-like structures in veins might be uracil, fake RNA, which is not broken down but tells body to make (toxic) spike proteins over long periods of time: (12.3)
Cancer appears near shot site: (12.4)

Flu shots contain “circuits”: (12.5)

Pfizer head refuses to answer questions before EU … again: (12.5)

Do they see something really bad as they death spiral? (12.5)
Bribes to people, especially young people?, are back: (12.5)
Autopsies show 1:5 deaths after vaxx is myocarditis: (12.7)


French TV grooming children to believe unvaxxed should be jailed: (11.29)

Chinese waiting in snow for PCR: (12.3)
PCR glow under UV light: (11.29)
The non-compliers in China: (12.4)

Colombia joins Canada and Netherlands on issue of euthanizing peace children:

Mouse Utopia study of population extinction due to inability to meet challenges:; jo
Powerless sewer system in a city: (12.4)
Google-based app designed to “pre-debunk” content using brain-washing techniques: (12.5)

Gabreyesus warns of new deadly virus: (12.5)
QR Covid Pass sends all information to police: (12.6)
Vaccine Passport in the works:
Remotely controlling brains/memories/thoughts: (12.6)

State of Nations

Martial law in Brazil next week: (12.5)

Mongolia rioting: (12.5)

Peruvian prez arrested: (12.7)NWO

West calling for “regime change” in Russia:


Musk, AI, Mark of the Beast, CERN linkage:
WEF spread sheet goals: (12.7)
AI robot will quickly own everything: (12.5)

Marijuana leads to irreparable cognitive decline in memory and understanding; less able to discern Satan’s encroachment: (11.28)

More countries want to join BRICS:

“Covid jabs” are MILITARY PROGRAM

Profound ppt talk re this is a military operation:

Ghebreyesus accused of being terrorist:

Division of ISRAEL

Will the division of God’s city, Jerusalem, be divided imminently?:;