Are we on the brink of David Wilkerson’s vision of a nuclear attack on the US?  Is that the message of the dummy nuclear ____  which landed in __?  Is the Chinese model the model for the final beast empire?  What far-reaching goals/decisions were reached at the G20 in Bali?  Will the US ever have a free and fair election again?  If not, what does that bode for our country?  What is Canada/G20 pushing that is a slippery slope into death of saints in Revelation?  Please join me, Bonnie, for a cry from the rooftop that the culmination of Satan’s reign might be at hand.


Chinese link to US digital voting software:

Election Day and last blood moon for 3 years connection?:

All flags fall over at “sedition free” Obama:


Nowhere to hide in China: (11.3)
Future of medicine?: (11.3)
Organ harvesting in China is govt sponsored: (11.3)

Pdf research re Musk: (11.4)
Medvedev: Russia is fighting Satan:
Aerial drone toxin release patent:;

“You will be assimilated”: (11.6)
Left ventricular atrophy unusual in the young:
Digital currency = total control:
It’s the jab introducing synthetic parasites? Cleansing protocol by Dr. Lee Merritt:
Climate Torah from Sinai:
Not pharma driven, but govt driven:
Planes arriving in Middle East for Sinai declaration to force people out of cars: (11.9)
Virtual Coliseum?: (11.9)
Groups exempted from kill shot:
Plans to restrict travel in UK:

Brain chip:

Excess mortality directly proportional to vaxx uptake:
Bodies scanned at airports for luciferase, no fake vaxx cards:

Canada: Have disabilities (like adverse reactions to vaxx) or bankruptcy (thanks to “Covid” lockdown) then we’ll gladly help you die:
Robotic arms operating inside vaxxed body:

Lancet calls for UN-lead forced vaccinations:
$1 million taxpayer dollars to examine how vaxx “ misinformation” affects people: (11.16)
36% excess deaths in young working population; no response from govt/pharma; criminal negligence:
Vaxx passports coming; G20:
US and Canada PCR tests set at 40&45, bogus results:
Vaxxed military effort from start: (11.17)
Vid of robotics in jab: (11.5)
Travel w digital passport: (11.17)
Link to climate declaration:
Mask mandates return this winter:
Standardize global digital passports:
Russia agrees w G20 global passport declaration:
Death panels:
Vaxxes are military weapons under DOD: (11.18)
Canada – Euthanize if homeless:
Twitter to WeChat: (11.18)

Dems planning digital currency:

SAD a leading cause of death:

Patients forced to accept ventilators/Remdesivir, esp if unvaxxed:

Free euthanasia in Canada:

Doctors baffled over Sudden Adult Death syndrome (SADS):
New deadly virus dream/vision:


FTX Democrat slush fund:;

Biden’s friend is CEO of Chinese firm waiting to buy FTX, wait till after midterms (and crash) for final word:
FTX funded “trial” that showed “Ivermectin didn’t work”: (Nov 15)

FTX debaucle explained:


4 more regions of Ukraine now planning referendums to join Russia:

Nuke-capable missile lands in Kiev:

David Wilkerson say nuclear attack on US: