Are we headed for war this Sukkot?  Nuclear war?  Laura Densmore joins in the second half to help sound the alarm.  “I will never leave you nor forsake  you.” (Heb. 13:5)




Harvard Study – 1% of adverse reactions reported:

Young Fauci admitting effects of new product could take 12 years: (9.30)

Israeli covers up adv rxns:

Russia to develop mRNA given q month: (9.30)

Covid cannot be isolated; only flu found:  (9.30)

Homo borg genesis:

Mandate falls apart:

Publisher withdraws 500 articles published in last year for fraud:

Plan was always transhumanism: (10.2)

Researchers estimate damage in wake of vaxxes:

Newborns off vaxxed moms unable to breathe:’s%20Dying%20Newborn%20with%20%22White%20Lungs%22%20&utm_medium=ios

Statistics of Pandemic of the vaxxed continues:

UK money to doctors to vaxx care homes again:

Result of Cvid vaxx, parents aren’t getting standard vaxxes:–EOJyYnBb5tQ

CA law, signed by Newson, dictates what doctors can offer re informed consent: (10.4)

New adverse rxn being reported – acquired hemophilia:

Chronic illness in kids, vaxxed v unvaxxed: (10.6);

Mikovits – no vaccines or qtip up your nose:

CDC data, Cliff notes version:

3- and 4-jabbed 138% more likely to die off covid/flu than unjabbed:

Walensky is a murderer says Wolf:

Dr. Harvey Risch – no trust in regulatory agencies:

CDC lied but ins cos, embalmers, coffin makers don’t:

Graphene, 5G, control of humanity demonstration: (10.8) FDA not revealing autopsy results on the vaxxed: (10.8) True carnage from vaxx – 20 million deaths; 2 serious injuries, etc: (10.9)

Schools paid to make, test, vaxxcinate: (10.10)

UK knew 70% of kids would be sterilized:

Injured by vaxx? Have another mRNA shoot to fix it:

20 million dead from jab days Dr Hodkinson:

Hearing before euro Commission-we didn’t test vaxx for transmissibility: (10.11)

1 shot causes cardiac changes:

No such word in medicine as “misinformation”: (10.11)

Vaxx to stop transmission scam:

Imminent Carnal Kingdom

CA open for minors to travel for mutilation:

QR surveillance cameras on ships in Shanghai: (10.3)

Russia vaxxes the mobilized:

New mask in China allows for PCR testing without removal of mask: (10.3)

Study shows Impossible burger poisons rats:

New Australian Cvid laws, forcible everything:

AI weapons in China: Chinese airport security with machine guns: (10.4)

Epoch Times re UN “serving” southern border and Chinese police stations throughout the world:

Digital ID Phoenix airport: (10.5)

Musk buying Twitter to set up X App, a conduit for transactions, communications, all manner of info/data collection and control: (10.5)

New Chinese police “shield”: (10.5)

AMA backs gender mutilation of children, asking DOJ to arrest “terrorists” who say elsewise:

Transgenderism has limits; born male then register for draft: (10.10)

French police push police car, no gas: (10.10)

UK to prepare for 3-hour power cut daily this winter:


Zelenky requests NATO fast track:

Condoleeza Rice in 2014 re need to force Europe to buy more US oil/gas:

Putin’s speech:

Tsunami submarine:

Laser from sky: (10.3)

All Russian conscripts getting vaxxed:

Attack on Nord Stream an “opportunity” to lessen our dependence on oil/gas: (10.3)

US Navy practice blowing up pipeline last June?:

Head of investigation into Nord Stream explosion died of beesting and cremated within hours: (10.9)

Iran gives Israel 24 hour re Lebanon: 

Full spectrum survival, NATO exercise:

Nuclear warnings in countries:

Middle East:

Netanyahu condemns Israeli pipeline deal:


UN worked w Google to modify search results for climate change: (9.30)

Destroying forests in Germany to builds wind farms:

Lithium leach field, deadly to birds and environment:


Preview YouTube video China sending killer robots with machine guns near LAC in Tibet to fuel conflict with India | WION

China sending killer robots with machine guns near LAC in Tibet to fuel conflict with India | WION