Are we headed for war?  East v. West?  NATO v. CTSO? Do the “kings of the earth” want/need a decimated population in order to bring on their false messiah?  Please join Steven and Bonnie as we explore the new procedures of Germany and Chin, the scams of electric energy/health through shots/(planned ?) strikes and banking collapse/the brewing war Eurasian/global war.  Is it God’s time to call an end to Satan’s rule over this world?

The asterisks below indicate I mentioned this issue or video in the talk:

*Vaxx a better abortion pill than abortion pill:
*Rabbi tells who’s in charge (this link just worked in Chrome):
Have never isolated the virus; PCR bogus; why elites gather w/o masks – no threat:
*Funny summary vid, don’t miss:
*Rich buy private jets to avoid airport hassle:
*Germany introduces digital ID:
*Germany may have armed guards in streets by Oct:
*Canada – save lives, euthanize yourself:
*Children in a Chinese quarantine camp scream for food:
*Clots are self assembling circuits:
*No global warming by man per NASA:
*Armed drones in China:
CDC changed the protocol for “covid deaths”
on death certificate:
*Untested booster ready this fall:
*CA residents gas generators because grid is overloaded:
*Margin calls in energy sector:
*Vaxxed glow differently in UV light (new street lights):
*Purple/blue lights in CA:
*Electric car w/ gas generator on back:
Pfizer’s revenue in one graph:
FEMA being offered to change Death certificate:
*Electric vehicles and lithium batteries:;
*Pay w/ right hand store:
Old jabs taken off market, new jabs only:
Israeli govt hides risks:
Israeli Population no longer complying:
*Circuits respond to 4G routers:

*“Ribbons” in masks, swabs, “vaccines”:

*Australia school canteens offer bug chips:
Huge rise in infant mortality:;
*Climate change – nothing to do w/ man:
*Switzerland to pay heat snitches:;
No plane hit second tower:
*People in UK testing eating human meat samples on passersby:
Robots will never take over the world:
*Stone Age in Italy:
*Climate change hoax (Greenpeace):
Federal interference in elections:
*Weaponized medical community pushes jab, re Lancet article:
*Electric batteries:
*USDA wants to register your garden:
*Illinois in Jan ‘23, no bail requirement:

*Batches of jab not equal, intentional or bad quality control?:
*tr is evil; evil is good, vid of Biden and Antifa: