Is the West deliberately picking a fight with Russia?  To what end?  Why are UK members of Parliament and US Congressmen talking about nuclear war?  The CDC complains that no one trusts them yet are the “vaccine” trials compliant with the highest standards of medicine and accurate reporting? A war on carbon, sunlight, and nitrogen is a war on ______.  Is the earth being terraformed for post-human “life”?  Some economists aver that the dollar will be digital only by _____.  Please join Steven and Bonnie as we dialogue the time when the empowered Army of the Lion shall go forth to harvest the earth.

Hey, Australia, chip yourselves!:
School: Eat bugs:
Birx blames Pharma:
Passport and global treaty
Irs agents practice assault on home:
Vaids in Israel:
$1 billion for global passports:
Pfizer “declassifies“ miscarriages in trials:
More deaths from “vaccine” than C:
Get your 4th shot and defeat “long Covid”:
All vaxxed have red cell damage:
Downfall of mankind, Dr. Bhakdi:
West responsible if nuke plant goes:
Monkeypox cards have 4 slots:
Monkeypox vaxx contains live smallpox:
People dying from clots that are not blood clots:
IRS training vid re “entering a home,” unbelievable:
Plans to bring in UN
No double-blind placebo study, just antibody measuring:
Effect in fetus:
Spontaneous abortions:
Final Mike Adams report (Metal from chemtrails/water?):
Canada digital ID system with WEF:
44% lost babies, still recommend jab for the pregnant:
Shocking graft in Ukraine:
CDC admits hiding data lest public misinterpret, eye roll:
83% miscarry, CDC still recommends:
Digital dollars only by Dec 13, 2022?
Zelenko won’t allow IEAE to visit reactor
US attacked simultaneously:
Conditions of Ukraine army:
Aid money and weapons are stolen:
War on periodic table