Is the green agenda always good for the earth?  Shock as the CDC _____ all previous guidelines.  What did the now deceased Nobel Prize winning developer of the PCR process have to say about using his test to establish whether or not a person is ill?  Why take another _____ to Taiwan?  If Europe’s largest nuclear energy plant were destroyed, what country would lie victim to the contaminated wind? What could be the results of the shocking intrusion into Mar a Lago? Please join Steven and Bonnie for a glimpse into our rapidly deteriorating future – which will set this world free from the present controllers.

WEF wants AI censorship:

Tech/Gov’t collusion:

Warning, very repellant.  Weep parents and get your kids out of public school!  Dark side pushed at children:

Kerry Mullis, Nobel Prize for PCR process:

High cost of green energy in Congo:

Insurance co’s – spike in deaths:

Result of politicized medicine:

CDC turns on a dime:;;;

Kids can decide to alter their  genetic code:

Ukraine’s natural wealth:

Warning:  Might induce nausea.  Disgusting gay NATO dance in parade:

IRS “army”:

Civil War?:;

Great idea – go visit Taiwan again.:

Live in Brotherhood:

US made/provided weapons attack nuclear plant:

America’s 3rd largest political party reads the writing on the wall: