Is Ukraine/the West/USA using “super soldiers” in Ukraine?  What is a unique chain-of-command problem posed by super soldiers?  What are hanging on meat hooks at the present time just waiting for animation?  What preliminary data has Mike Adams shared re the huge white “clots” that embalmers are pulling from the bodies of the deceased vaxxed? How does Mike’s data sync with the report on chemtrails?  How do the CDC, hospitals, etc., hide the true numbers of deaths/injuries?  What has Russia threatened re the use of HIMARS to retake Crimea?  What is a dream/vision that matches Jer. 16, “I will send for many fishermen”?  Please join Steven and Bonnie for a sobering but exciting look into a day when The Almighty Himself will anoint His fishermen to harvest the earth.

Eating insects poses a risk to humans and animals alike:

Land ownership under Agenda 2030:

Threats of retaliation if Pelosi visits Taiwan:

Mike Adams’ preliminary report on physical make-up of non human tissue extracted upon embalming:

Cricket pizza, anyone?:—marie-antoinette-sch.html

Dr. Harvey Risch on negative efficacy of vaxx:

Vaxx as political weapon, deadliest batches to red states:

Dr. Mike Yeadon: ‘It [the Jab] Could Not Have Worked, and They Knew It’ [VIDEO INTERVIEW]

50,000 SADS deaths deleted:

No more testing/trials on future Covid shots:

Baby death cover-up by hospital incinerators (hospitals are the new altars of Baal for infant sacrifice?  Weep, parents of the globe.):