Does the plot thicken regarding indications of war/famine/no fuel for this fall?  Does the vaxxine alter one’s DNA?  Has the “fullness of the gentiles” been fulfilled?  What recent increase in military aid by the US to Ukraine has triggered an emergency response by Russia?  What did Henry Kissinger predict regarding this development?  Is the division of Israel a “done deal”?  What sad and previously unknown changes are casket manufacturers noticing?  New laws in Chile, Venezuela, and Supreme Court dicta distinguishing between the rights of humans and the rights of ______?  What entities are being discussed in the highest circles of our government?  What was the hoped for result of the vaxxines?  Is Dr. Ardis correct when he states that snake venom is in the shots?  According the high level talks Steven has had, what’s coming?  Please join Steven and Bonnie for a look into our future that belonged to our grandparents of old – the Days of Noah.

5 years worth in 7 months (weep, humans):

West/USA/NATO weapons reserves exhausted:

Financial Times: The conflict in Ukraine has depleted the West’s military reserves and exposed the shortcomings of its military-industrial complex

Chile, Venezuela distinguish rights of humans and _____:

US Supreme Court agrees with the above:

Malmo study, DNA alterations within 6 hours:

Helpful, short discussion of Malmo study:

Lawsuits?  Pharma defense:  We are the sellers; governments are the buyers.  Governments KNEW of our fraudulent trials.  We have nothing to do with consumers, just governments.  We move the dismiss.

Pfizer Could Now Be Open For Lawsuits As New Study Reveals Jabbed Could Have Altered DNA Forever [VIDEO]

Pediatricians will be the agents of infant/small children death of souls.  Disgustingly, pharma is contributing huge amounts to their pension plans via pediatric boards:

China banks collapsing; Saudi to drop petrol dollar:

Devastating explosions in Donbass by US made and donated HIMAR:

State of our military:

Russia/China et al “mock attack” on US “mid-August”:

DEW destroyed “guide” (to where) stones?  Why?  As a signal for “go time”?