What do the highly magnified photos of the “fibrous” clots reveal?  Does the “322” of the Skull and Bones logo indicate the enemy’s desire to turn our double stranded helix DNA into a  _____?  Is this logo exemplified by the triple helix light show of the 70th Jubilee? (vid below)  Come fall, what are just some of the calamities researchers are predicting?  What is just some personal information contained in the QR code?  What order has Xi Jinping signed that paves the way for a simpler seizure of Taiwan?  China is experiencing bank _____, will it spread?


6-minute video packed with information and photos of the horrific clumps being taken from the ARTERIES of those slain by the jab:   https://rumble.com/v18j5q1-massive-bio-structures-found-in-bodies-of-the-vaccinated.html

Bank closure protests stopped by turning QR codes red:  https://www.reuters.com/world/china/china-bank-protest-stopped-by-health-codes-turning-red-depositors-say-2022-06-14/

2 min. clip from a lecture explaining how existing technology can be injected that alters cells/DNA: \  https://t.me/GodsRoadmap/484

The below light show reveals a triple-stranded helix leading to the “tree of life” of wood and metal, the mixing of Dan. 2:43? (slow or stop/resume the vid to see the 3 strands progressing across the field independently of each other; goal 3 strands with 22 extra chromosomes?)


Banks in China say cash carries “viruses,” so use digital only:  https://t.me/AltSkull48/3636