Are Russia and China planning a fall attack upon the US?  Does our present planetary line-up have any import?  What are we being warned of bank failures?  Is the US being goaded into civil war?  The Apostle Paul lived under a beast empire – one that murdered him – what is his advice for the times in which we live?  Please join Bonnie (Steve is sick) as we examine the prophetic times in which we live.

The latest UK Government data is devastating; it suggests the Triple Vaccinated are about to suffer Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome

Dimitru Duduman sees China/Russia attack US:

Henry Gruver sees Russia invade US:

China says would not hesitate to start a war over Taiwan:

Newsweek reports leaked intel of Chinese invasion of Taiwan this fall:

Henry Gruver sees China invading US at Astoria, OR:

Mike Adams’ interview with Chinese independent reporter re the simultaneous attack on US by Russia/China from 2 different oceans:

Excellent 4-5 min. of Edward Dowd, Wall Street/Blackrock guru:

Russians move into Nicaragua:

Astonishing 2016 X-Files clip describing our life today, including altered DNA through “vaccine” that destroys  the immune system and impending financial collapse for the purpose of global domination:

US missiles to be used against Russia?

Economic “hurricane” coming:

Pfizer CEO appearing to almost have a ____ neck.  What?