Please join Bonnie for a look into our future as the enemy of the freewill of mankind takes aim upon the very building blocks of life, our DNA.  Shall we be afraid?  No!  Our Messiah is setting us free!  Celebrate!!  Just as the disciples went out without purse or bag or sandals and yet lacked for nothing, so shall we.

Is monkeypox a cover for an adverse reaction of shingles/blistering disease/pemphigoid to the shot?

Screen Shot 2022-05-25 at 5.28.02 PM.png

Page from Pfizer’s known adverse reaction doc obtained by FOIA (blistering disease, pictures):

Pandemic Treaty will launch global digital ID system:

CA bill seeks to silence physicians re alternative medical opinion:

Excellent article on monkeypox as an adverse reaction:

Former PM of N. Zealand, H. Clark, “People are over Covid…”:

Gates admitting C shots don’t work:

Did the Sphinx close its eyes on the day of the Blood Moon, May 15?:

Damning investigation into the WHO:

CEO of Moderna complaining that 30 million doses must be dumped because no one wants them:

Julie Grant, Aus. eSafety Commissioner, at WEF alleging we need a “re-calibration of free speech,” twitter account was deleted for sharing this clip:

NTI wargamed monkeypox outbreak to commence May 15, 2022:

More on monkeypox v. Vaxx adverse reaction:

Russian missile rise out of the sea, exactly what Henry Gruver saw along our eastern seaboard:

Nutshell of latest developments against US (first 5 min. or so):

Citizens in China falling dead while driving, walking, working, crossing street:,

Deletions and additions to NHS site re threat of monekypox, to increase the scare factor?:

Smug smile of Bill and Melinda Gates as they envision the concern of “the next one,” i.e., the next pandemic:

Ominous concept put forward that DNA manipulation makes intentional pandemics easier:

Who is Tedros, WHO Director since 2017?  Scathing report by Dr. Peter Breggin:

Excellent article re ramifications of allowing WHO to rule our health:

Excellent compilation of the toll the C vaxxes are taking upon our bodies:

Oh, boy, is this our future?  Chile bans discrimination against mutants: