Are there any foreseeable problems re Ketanji Jackson being on the Supreme Court?  Can we already see new corporate enthusiasm for pushing perversion?  Gov. Wolf (in sheep’s clothing?) has a new marketing idea to increase jab rates involving faith-…..  What is no longer be illegal after June 30 of this year in the EU?  Justin Trudeau has a new mental health cure involving the expansion of the program entitled “Medical Aid in ….”  Is the “Great Reset” about to be defeated?  Which countries are reported to lose up to 77% of their population by 2025? Is the US/NATO committing suicide by sanctions and union with NATO?  What did Deutsche Bank just lose?  What is the potential according to David Wilkerson?  What remarkable nexus did Dr. Ardis make re Covid and the cobra snake?  Is there any reference to a similar happening in scripture? Please join Steven and Bonnie as the serpent rises up hoping to complete his coup upon mankind.

Finland to join NATO:

Deutsche Bank stock being dumped, Wilkerson Vision:

Mankind’s problems began with a serpent; is it ending with a serpent?  A MUST WATCH IN ITS ENTIRETY:

Deagle Report re population decline by 2025:

Come to church to get jabbed:

Is Ketanji Jackson “soft on crime”?

Revealed: Ketanji Jackson’s ‘soft spot’ for drug dealers, pedophiles

The People’s Treaty convenes next month for “Pandemic Procedures”:

No expert panel input re 4th jab:

Feeling sad in Canada? Do the “responsible” thing.:

Next step = Mandatory jabs:

Blood too thick to extract:

Ancient Russian flag being used again:

Pfizer hires 2,400 new workers for excessive adverse reactions:

Russia is lockstep with reset:

Bourla, head of Pfizer, admits jabs alter your DNA: