Is the petrodollar dead?  Why should we watch the German economy?  Will Biden be “recalled”?  If so, will Trump step in?  What did Russia and China together announce last week in Beijing?  Does either country have the background to deliver what they announced?  What entity would more likely applaud their union?  Please join Steven and Bonnie for a discussion of our possible/likely near future.

Heartbreaking kiddie quarantine in China:            

Kicking own citizens for not following Covid rules:

Punching own citizens to force them onto quarantine bus:

Chinese QR code intrusive lifestyle:

Chinese DAILY testing required:

Russia accepts AstraZeneca “WMD”:

EU countries starts rationing:

Patriarch Kirill visits Antarctica in 2015:

EU mandatory jab pass:

Orthodox monk sentenced for opposing lockdown in Russia:

Human genome changed forever:

Every Fully Jabbed Person Over 30 Will Have VAIDS By The End Of 2022 – Dr. Sherri Tenpenny [VIDEO]

California Bill Would Legalize Infanticide, Babies Could be Left to Die Up to 6 Weeks After Birth

Sanctions destroy dollar:

Hospital paid for services rendered or paid to comply?:

Robodogs/drones shout orders: