Do the C-19 shots permanently alter our DNA?  Is there any evidence our governing medical organizations suppressed genuine therapies?  In a 2018 therapy trial, what portion of the participants were killed by Remdesivir, Fauci’s drug of choice for hospitalized C-19 patients?  As of March 4, what portion of Ukraine land and artillery have been seized or destroyed by Russian forces?  What does Schwab, head of the WEF, anticipate is in our future?  What plans by the west/NATO were leaked to Russia?  Is there any reason the satanic elite leaders would want Egypt to fail as a country?  Please join Steven and Bonnie for a look into our Valley of the Shadow of Death.

Document evidencing ~= $3 million by Pfizer to FDA for authorization:    for

Killed for trying to establish humanitarian corridor for escape:

Grad missiles in neighborhoods:

Comments on Ukraine by Canadian Jewish Ukrainian:

Comments on Ukraine by Canadian Jewish Hungarian:

Ukrainian military preventing own people from escaping:

Horrific black-eyed baby:

Walensky re tragedy of ruined lives in the wake of jab:

Stiff penalties for fake news, msm leaves town:  (law):, (result):

DNA permanently altered:

Knowing suppression of true therapy: