Are most of today’s world leaders graduates of Klaus Schwab’s WEF Young Global Leaders training?  Is there a concerted effort by the kings of the earth to alienate world leaders from the US?  What did Russia just allow Iran to do in Syria?  What is Putin’s genius move to isolate the US and NATO? Will transhumans be walking computers?  If so, who will operate the computer? Is human DNA being altered to achieve …? What is the advice of Rabbi Zadok in the event you would see a reptilian hand? From whence does this same teacher aver the army of the (pseudo-)messiah will come? Please join Steven and Bonnie for a look into our future – where satanic nightmares are defeated by the glory of the LORD and His fully empowered and fearless Bride.

Klaus Schwab – Putin is a graduate of Young Global Leaders, Davos, 2019:

Schwab says Putin a WEF graduate in 2017, Harvard:

Military cancer rate triples:

Leaked data base, Covid “vaccine” injuries in military:

Putin splits US/NATO from Ukraine meeting:

Graphene oxide in C19 shots:

Heavy equipment leaves from San Diego: