Let’s talk about the annual celebration of the Festival of Weeks or what Yehovah refers to in Scripture as Shavu’ot or in Greek – “Pentecost.” Shavu’ot, in the Bible, presents itself as an annual festival about biblical restoration, renewal, and completion.

What is equally interesting is that Shavu’ot contains a Messianic Prophecy for an End Times Restoration:

An ingathering and separating of souls is likened to dividing wheat from tares (Matthew 13:30).

A restoration to repair Adam’s treasonable transaction with the Tree of the Knowledge of Good but Evil in Genesis 3:6 and then passing that corruption down to all of us.

A calling to freely become an ally and associate of King Messiah’s government administration on earth, as it is also in Shalem, the Kingdom of Heaven (Genesis 14:18 and 1 Corinthians 6:3)

A rebuilding of Yehovah’s Government of Heaven on earth, as it is in heaven (Acts 15:16 based on Amos 9:11).

An end of salvation through the door of summer and the start of a new component of eternal life through the door of hope (Romans 8:25 and Matthew 24:33)

A bodily transformation through a promised resurrection on the Last Day (John 6:40 and Romans 8:23)