& Don’t Be a Glutton?

Today we are going to look at two seemingly unrelated topics, being a glutton and growing weary. First we’ll look at gluttony, both physical AND Spiritual.  We are told in Exodus 16 that the children of Israel murmured against Moses because they wanted meat to eat like they had in Egypt.  We’ll explore not only the obvious physical lesson against physically overeating meat from this story in Exodus as well as a possible Spiritual lesson about over indulging in Spiritual Meat?  We tie all of this in with an encouraging message of not growing weary by taking breaks from Spiritual Meat and refreshing our Spirit in the Milk and Manna of Scripture…  This message is a good reminder to be satisfied with the feast that YHWH sets before each of us and not constantly lust for more (I know I have been guilty of and had to repent for overeating at times (both physically and Spiritually), how about you?;)  More messages like this one at www.HisWordHeals.com