Welcome to Real Israel Talk Radio – Episode 89 Program Part 25 – Defining Biblical Love. Today, we will continue with the teaching of Paul that Biblical Love is about “all hope.” 

Indeed, with Paul’s brief statement that Yehovah’s Love is the idea of “all hope,” his readers were learning to understand that Yehovah is Love through his promise of a final resurrection day, in Hebrew: techiyat hamatim. In today’s program, I will briefly bring up the matter of what is called “the rapture,” speaking about it from within the context of our resurrection hope. 

The term “hope” descends in meaning from the Hebrew word “Tikvah” (consider the Israeli national anthem HaTikvah) coming from the Hebrew letters Quf Vav Heh. It means to wait expectantly on Yehovah for him to act on His promise. Presently, we are still waiting on Yehovah to finish the two-part Messianic redemption story that he began.

As a result, part 1 of His redemption story gives us a new soul through Yeshua’s Third Day resurrection. Part 2 of his redemption story gives us a new body through our Seventh Day resurrection through Yeshua. Nonetheless, the question remains: who qualifies to participate in that special Seventh-Day resurrection event? As I understand things, the biblical answer is not complicated. Those who continue to wait for the coming of Messiah and those who continue to expect that the final resurrection will happen are the ones who will participate in the final Last Day resurrection. 

We will learn some lessons from the following narratives to help us better understand the ideas.

   1) Joshua 2:18-21 with Isaiah 1:18-20. Accordingly, this is about Rachav (Rahab) and the Hebrew spies when they came to Rahav in the city of Jericho. Given salvation was conditional to her and her entire family just before the violent crash of the walls of Jericho. 

   2) Jeremiah 17:13 with John 8:2-11. Accordingly, this is teaching that Yehovah is the Mikveh of Israel (purification waters of Messianic hope). Yeshua expressed The Truth with the story of a woman brought for judgment due to some alleged adultery. 

Join us for today’s podcast on Defining Biblical Love, Episode 89 and PART 25 on 1 Corinthians 13:7.