Over the years that the “Come out of her, My people” Show has been running, host Mark Call has frequently tried to examine the critical “overlap” between what has been called “secular law” and Scripture, as the “supreme Law”.

But it has been quite a while since he came to the conclusion that, for many people, the idea of “doing the paperwork” — as if there was still a way for people in a lawless land to Lawfully reclaim God-given Rights now not worth the “G@&@# Piece of Paper” they were printed on — was largely wasted effort. After all, what IS “Law” anymore in a lawless land, anyway?

As the coming “Civil War 2.0” seems increasingly inevitable, however, there is another element to consider.

Join Mark for a “don’t miss” show that you should find valuable, whether you’ve listened for years, or have never heard about the adninution at all.