So many “conspiracy theories” that tend to point out just how satanically EVIL the world has now become have been admitted to be “fact” of late, that even some folks who have been determined to hand on to their delusions to the bitter (and obvious) End are starting to question whether they should “continue to drink the Bud Lite.”

Which leads to an interesting, and old, problem: if enough people get “PO’d” and start to kick back against the Big Lies, even just a bit, there’s an assumption that the “Overton Window” might start to move back, just a little, in the other direction, too. (If that term is unfamiliar – stay tuned.)

But if this time really is building to a climax of truly “Biblical Proportions,” it means we need to be aware of where we are, time-wise, to we can prepare the way we probably know by now that we should.

And that means we need to “Come out of her,” even FURTHER than we might have thought. Join Mark Call for a look into:

“Black Markets, Bootletters, Boot-Lickers, and BS”