One of the hardest things for so many people raised in America of the 20th century, where there really were people who believed in “truth, justice, and the American way,” and that “their word was their bond,” to accept is just how utterly DEPRAVED, deceptive, and literally Satanic much of what passes for the “leadership” of this fallen land has become.

We can’t accept that what Jeremiah said (17:9) about the human heart: it IS “deceptive above all, and DESPERATELY wicked.” Indeed, we recoil at the thought of “knowing it.”

But it’s not enough to recognize what Adolf Hitler, and later American communists, worshiped as the “Big Lie.” Or even that they did, and still do, intend to kill you. It’s not even enough to realize that “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge,” and are being deliberately deceived.

Today, host Mark Call connects more dots, disturbing as that Truth might be.