Zadokite, Enochian, Sighted Moon, Hillel?

We have purposely avoided doing any programs regarding calendars… until now. We believe Abba has been nudging us toward taking on this subject for the past many weeks in various not to subtle ways. The subject specifically of the “Zadokite” calendar has kept coming up, over and over from different people in a variety of ways. The last straw which convinced us to do a more in depth study to see if perhaps we were wrong with regard to this subject was a recent series of videos by a well known main stream Hebraic Roots teacher. These videos proposed that this “Zadokite” calendar is the correct calendar to follow. In today’s message we will be sharing what we found during our more in depth study and will be heavy on scriptural evidence and very light on opinion and conjecture. Toward the end of this program we will also share our thoughts (based upon scripture) regarding the possible dangers of incorrect calendars.  FOR MORE MESSAGES LIKE THIS ONE VISIT OUR WEBSITE

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