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1. To Carry or Not to Carry 2. Jack the Obscure Double-header

Jackson Snyder Presents David h’Natsari (Bishop Brad Brink) positing a Biblical view of whether a believer should carry a gun or not.  For anyone who is wondering, this message takes you through the Torah and into the authentic acts of Yahshua for a reasoned, dependable answer.  Also on this podcast is Jackson Snyder (Jackson Snyder) again working through names of obscure biblical characters who couldn’t carry a gun because they weren’t invented you.  No, these characters carried ray guns that Melchizedek and aliens from outer space provided. Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts...

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Carl & Pat Archuleta – Commandments v. Consensus

Jackson Snyder Presents the Archuleta team, licensed teachers with the Vero Essene Yahad, in another hard-hitting Torah class.  Consider the average religious person in the United States – the Consensus person.  What does the Consensus religious hobbyist think when he / she hears the word Torah.  She knows exactly what the word means – been taught the word in Sunday School for the last 30 years.  But what will she do with the word and the mouth that has said it.  “You mean the Commandments?” she might burst out.  “Why do you want to talk about that there Jewish...

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Jewish Mysticism, Kabbalah & Oral Torah Part 4 with Abiyah bein Tzion

Jackson Snyder Presents Abiyah, a Kabbalist and Moreh ha Gadol ofd this subject, going deeper into the mysteries of Kabbalah.  Understand, we at EARTH Institute and Vero Essene Yahad do neither promote nor condemn the study or practice of mystical arts.  Personally, I (Jackson) stay away from such things.  However, the pseudo-Jewish communities we serve do not – they are looking for a deeper, more spiritual way within pseudo-Judaism.  This is NOT the way for me.  However, before we condemn something (or promote it), we must learn about it.  It is the duty of teachers to be masters of...

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Jewish Mysticism, Kabbalah & Oral Torah Part 3 – Liz McGee

Jackson Snyder Presents a caveat!!  Neither I or the Vero Essene Yahad in general promote the practice of Kabbalah!  But however we see it, it is our hope to present it rightly, for we are bound to know about it.  Liz McGee gets past the kids’ stuff and into the deeper understandings of Mysticism as a prelude to the next installment by Abiyah bein Tzion – who is a master Kabbalist and teacher.  Whether for or against, those of us who are ministers in the pseudo-Jewish community must know more than just “Madonna does it.”  The Essene Academy of...

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