This program of Real Israel Talk Radio is Episode 115. This is a PART 2 analysis of Yeshua’s Last Passover Week Timeline: an outline of 27 detailed events that played out in that week leading to Yeshua’s crucifixion and third-day resurrection. 

The gospel records speak of many events playing out in Yeshua’s last Passover week. Let’s examine 27 events with a believable story of what happened and when.

1) Was Yeshua crucified on a “Wednesday” or a “Thursday”?

2) Did Yeshua resurrect on a Shabbat (“Saturday”) or the First Day of the Week (“Sunday”)?

3) Did Yeshua celebrate a legal Passover? If so, on what night did that Passover take place?

4) Was Yeshua interrogated in front of Pontius Pilate once or twice? And if twice, perhaps on two different days?

5) When did the women of Yeshua’s community prepare the spices for his burial?

Join me for today’s episode in this podcast series for chronology analysis of Yeshua’s Passion Week Timeline: From Passover to His Crucifixion to His Third-Day Resurrection.

To help you follow along with this analysis, look at the timeline calendars that I built for this series, available on my website. Navigate here OR to Then click on “Free Resources” and then click on “Podcast Extras.”