I’m speaking with Amir Atieh of Natanael Ministries in Western Australia today. Amir was born to Israeli parents and grew up in Ramale, not too far from the city of Tel Aviv. His life and growing up years in Israel were filled with abuse and pain on many levels, and Amir knows it all too well.

Amir Atieh, as an Israeli “Sabra,” grew up among secular Israelis, Christians, and Arabs. He faithfully served in the IDF (Israeli Army). Amir never knew his true spiritual heritage until, one day, he learned the truth about the promised Messiah of the Hebrew Scriptures in the most unlikely of ways. What’s more, Amir is one of the few among us who actually had a brief personal encounter with a man in bright, glowing white, but he never saw his face, only his form. He also had another rather interesting encounter with a Yeshua-believing son of an Orthodox rabbi. This story is quite similar to the Book of Acts, chapter 10, between Peter and Cornelius.

I had the opportunity to talk with Amir about his life’s journey from a secular Israeli to a prominent and growing Messianic Voice of Truth based in Perth, Western Australia.I think you will find his life story inspiring.

Join me for a chat with Amir Atieh (Arabic for a “giver”), his testimony, and his transformation from a secular Israeli to a Messianic Teacher: www.nathanael-ministries.com.