Pt 5 (Finale) of Video ‘Revelation Timeline, the Last 10 Years’…

We start off this week’s program a bit off topic with a rebuke of the Noahide laws as they potentially could relate to believers in Y’shua as Messiah.  We felt this rebuke as necessary due to our past support and promotion of a ministry who just this week openly defended the Noahide laws.  Once that is finished we dive right in to the final portion from our above named video which includes information and signs in the heavens potentially pointing to the first 4-5 years after the 7th trump of Revelation.  There are some pretty amazing signs which will be seen in the heavens in 2033.  We’ll give you our theory about what they could possibly be pointing to.  You can watch the complete video at

For those that love our Creator, it’s the beginning not the end! An in depth look at the events & Seven Trumps of Revelation in relation to the corresponding amazing signs in the heavens coming up between now and 2028 which could possibly be the last 10 years of the “80 years if due to strength generation” spoken of in Psalms 90:10. If so, the last 7 of the 10 years between 2018 and 2018 could be the 7 year tribulation period. (Even if this theory is incorrect this video helps us to understand the chronology of events in relation to one another in Revelation so we can be ready regardless of when the last 10 years actually take place.)

HOWEVER, the heavenly signs during the years leading to 2028 and then 2033 in the heavens (blood moons and total solar eclipses) as they relate to the biblical calendar and Trumps of Revelation are all truly amazing and do make a very compelling case for 2028 being the end of the 80 year generation, since the rebirth of Israel, which will not pass away before all these things be fulfilled. Did you know there are 2 Blood Moons on two consecutive Purims coming up after the 2nd Great American total solar eclipse of 2024 (which completes an X over ‘Little Egypt’ in the US)? If May of 2018 completed the 70 year generation (which shall not pass until all these things be fulfilled) since Israel became a nation again, then 2028 completes the ’80 years if for strength’ generation also enumerated in Psalms 90. What could the next 10 years hold in store?

This is the second video in this series. In the first video we covered the amazing signs in the heavens that will be coming up within the 10 years from 2018 leading up to 2028. We looked at where these heavenly signs would be visible and when on the biblical calendar they would occur. We also covered some even more amazing signs leading up to 2033 culminating in a total solar eclipse on Nisan 1 (1st day of biblical year/1st day of month of Passover), followed only 15 days later by a Blood Moon on Nisan 15, Passover, on a Thursday (the 5th day, same day of the week Y’shua was put in the grave exactly 2000 years earlier!). Then, as if that wasn’t enough to make us take a second look at 2033, these are both followed by another Blood Moon also in 2033 on the first day of Sukkot! Then in this second video we put all of the events and Trumps of Revelation on a timeline starting with the 7th Trump being blown during the fall feasts in 2028 (the 80th year) and then worked backwards laying all the Trumps out on a timeline and then inserting the heavenly signs into their corresponding years to see if they matched at all with the events and Trumps of Revelation as laid out in this manner.

The results are quite amazing and while one could argue that they are all coincidental, it would be quite an amazing coincidence. At the very least this possibility should be explored and watched by the body of Messiah so that we are not caught unaware! We also discuss on this video the possible reasons why there are 4-5 years between the 80th year of 2028 and the amazing heavenly signs in 2033! If you find this video compelling, please share it. We all need to work together as watchmen and women to wake those that are asleep before it is too late. Please also visit our website at for free kindle books, a free healing scriptures CD and free downloads of all of our past radio program archives. Blessings and Shalom!

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