Wakeup! for August 25, 2016

Be sure to listen to Bonnie Harvey’s dynamite interview today with Pastor Paul Begley, who told listeners about a report from Israel which said Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu went to Ethiopia last month —perhaps to visit the Ark, reputed to be hidden in a temple there?

However, Pastor Paul said he had also asked some rabbis (including Yehuda Glick),”Where is the Ark?” and they replied: “Under Mt. Moriah.”

A man who said he has been given the secret ingredient for the anointing oil required to re-dedicate the Temple says he will give Pastor Begley an exclusive interview, when he returns to Israel next year.

“I believe the Third Temple will be spectacular, immaculate,” Pastor Begley said… “It will be a symbol for Jews from all over the world… But it will have to be restored by His Son, affirmed by the Two Witnesses.

“There’s a revival going on in Israel, in Jerusalem,” he cotinued… “Yehuda Glick says there will be no animal sacrifices, no Outer Court… and the two witnesses will tell the Jews: ‘There’s still somebody we have to embrace, and it’s Yeshua.’

“There are two possibilities, God could send two men with the spirit of Elijah and Moses, or He could send the real Moses and Elijah.”

“We see Christians being slaughtered, raped, crucified,” Begley said. “Even now, anti-Semitism is growing world-wide… Chuck Missler believes the next major event will be the Psalm 83 war.”

Bonnie also noted a Ruters report that German Chancellor Angela Merkel is going to tell her people to stockpile food, water and cash enough for ten days; does that mean something big is going to happen this fall? The Czech Republic is issuing a similar warning.

Paul Begley replied, “Steven ben DeNun’s wife was in the streets filming in Prague yesterday; people were in the streets protesting, calling Merkel a nazi…”

Begley warned that the next president of the United States may usher in the New World Order, or it may be delayed a dozen years.

Bonnie: “Do you think the powers of the world would allow a populist candidate to sit in the White House?”

Paul Begley: “I doubt it… if he gets elected, he’ll be a target for assassination. The elitists, the globalists, do not want that man there.”

Bonnie: “Will they even allow the votes to be cast… ?
When Putin says the western leaders worship Satan, I believe that. For women to lead a population is actually a curse: Scripture says, ‘I will give you young men and women leaders…’

“If the US cedes control of the Internet, Dave Hodges says that will be the start of martial law…”

This is a two-hour program every believer really NEEDS to hear; tune in the podcast.

Steven ben DeNun and Bonnie will (D.V.) launch a new show on Hebrew Nation Radio, called Flashpoint, starting Sunday, August 28.