I will close my 30-part series on the Last Passover Week Chronology of Yeshua in this Real Israel Talk Radio episode. With this extended study (one hour and six minutes), I will summarize all I have presented since starting the series.  I will begin and end with three questions:

1)  How did Yeshua manage to DO (meaning, how did he manage TO BE the Passover Lamb) and also to EAT the Passover Lamb with his disciples precisely according to Exodus Chapter 12?

2)  How did Yeshua come to be called the PASSOVER Lamb?

3)  What does it mean that Yeshua, the Passover Lamb, died for the sins of the world?

Join me for this final program summary in this 30-part series about the Zadokite Calendar, Yeshua, and his role as Melchizedek, Messiah King and Teaching Priest from the cit