Avi ben Mordechai here. Shalom! You are tuned into Real Israel Talk Radio. Today’s show is  “Why I Exchanged My Christmas Tree for a Menorah,” a special edition 2023 teaching hosted by my wife Suzanne.

Suzanne will share with you some of her thoughts about the tradition of Christmas and the Christmas Season. All of what Suzanne will speak about today is easily verified from documented history and so, it is really nothing new. I asked Suzanne to present her perspective growing up in South Africa with the annual family celebration of Christmas because, like many of you, it was something that she had to grow out of, leaving behind a lot of memories linked to the event. But she knew that she had to move forward with her spiritual walk in the New Covenant of Yeshua. You will hear more about this on today’s program, along with what Christmas means and how, over time, crept into Christian culture and has remained so for a very long time.

After listening to this special program, if you wish to hear more on various topics of interest, from time to time, Suzanne hosts an encouragement program for women called THE SWAG WAY – an acronym for Suffering Women Alive for God. If you wish to hear more from Suzanne, you can also send her a message on her Facebook Page, THE SWAG WAY.

I’m Avi ben Mordechai, and Yah willing, I’ll be back next time to finish up my multipart teaching series about the Rise and Fall of the Zadokites, the Tzadok Calendar, and Yeshua’s Last Passover Week Chronology details along with a summary of those events that historically have influenced Judaism down to this very day. See you next time for the next podcast, Episode 141, and PART 27 on Yeshua’s last Passover Week Chronology, and a bit of a closing history lesson about the historical rise and fall of the House of Tzadok.

This is Real Israel Talk Radio. Shalom!