Is the Poseidon Torpedo already deployed off our east coast?  Is that the fruit of long range missiles and cluster bombs to Ukraine? Why is our east coast/Gulf maritime essentially closed? CBDC’s (and chip?) to be unleashed imminently.  Please prepare mentally, physically, and spiritually to live as an outcast – in the glory and power of the LORD.

(Audio warning: The recording program stopped abruptly at 17+ minutes – the recording signals moved forward but the sound flatlined to nothing. I rebooted, prayed, called IT and finally finished the last 6 min. on a new laptop – no headset.  When I brought over the new recording into the desktop via email and opened it, it also had no sound – flatlined.  I had to transfer from the laptop via memory stick.  I’m dumbfounded.  Sound is not good for 6 min., but does carry the warning re the east coast/gulf being shut down.  Yesterday, I researched “Poseidon” on and already had the links and today – coast shut down.)


Robots hurt people:
Smart devices lock you out:
AI kills operator then seeks to destroy communications tower in simulation:


74% of deaths post vaxx is due to the vaxx:
Report from India – vaxx has killed 13 million:

Lancet – 74% of deaths post-Covid due to vaxx:;

Link between childhood vaxxines and SIDS: 7.5

Myocarditis in newborns of vaxxed moms:

Death via vaxx continues as Gates sends ineffective, harmful malarial drug to Africa: 7.9

Covid vaxx recommended to be reclassified as gene therapy rather than vaccine:


Phony climate emergency:
Smoke prophetically related to bombing of US, according to AA Allen’s vision (below)?:
A.A. Allen’s vision of 1954:

Yikes. “Fire” in Canada: 7.8

Climate Clock to 2030 has been started: 6.29

3-D printed meat and fish in Israel: 6.28

BBQ grills now come with carbon tracking enabled: 7.9

Di Caprio helicopters to lunch:


Issue of Talmudist rule in Israel reappears after failed negotiations:
“Judicial Reform” set to vote out “reasonable person standard” July 10, protests erupt again:

If the above passes, July 11 is Resistance Day:

Alleged threats against prosecution witness and family in Netanyahu corruption trial:

Bill against “reasonableness” passes first hurdle:

Israeli Day of Resistance kicks off after reasonableness abandoned:

IDF tech staff refuses to show for work:

Far right members of Netanyahu’s coalition had previously opted for Talmud as Israeli law of the land:

Agenda 2030
Electric cars over supply. Over hyped and under performing?:

UN hoping to push through global emergency powers prior to US elections?:
Bottom of supply for electric vehicles:
Digital ID “benefits”: (use Google translate)

French police – this is war not rioting: 7.8

Your WiFi router is a camera: 7.3

Rioters in France being given high caliber weaponry?: 6.30

Old French man tries to defend town from state-sponsored rioting, is arrested: 6.1

It’s scripted – year-old Netflix movie re war in France after migrant killed: 6.30

2022, ½ million Catholics in Germany resign: 6.28

Scofield deception?:;

Karl Marx’s satanic verses:


CBDC’s include chip:

WEF telling of the “wonderful” advantages of digital currency, such as expiration dates and government control of what you buy: 7.8

CBDC’s phase one to start this month: 7.5

CBDC explained in part:

Sins of Balaam

Pervert parade marching under banners of Satan: 7.1

Netherlands murdering (“euthanizing”) the disabled (to save the planet):

Why leaders trans their children: 7.8


All charges dropped against Prigozhin: 6.27

Biden says NATO will kick the can down the road (

while Victoria Neuland says WWIII starts July 11 (,discussion%20as%20well.)

France to provide Ukraine with long-range missiles:

US to provide Ukraine with cluster bombs:

What are cluster bombs?:;

Poseidon torpedoes:

Poseidon torpedoes can produce coastline-destroying radio active tsunamis:

Poseidon could “drown UK”?:

Ukraine uses cluster bomb, Russia warns of WWIII:

US east coast and Gulf shut down:


Is this how LORD Yeshua spoke the world into existence?: 7.7

Nice rescue: 7.9

Heartfelt plea by Archbishop Maria Vigano to form an anti-globalist group of leaders: