Is Israel preparing for the 1,000 year millennial reign of their messiah?  Does the US have any weapon against the hypersonic Russian missile? What in Pfizer’s history would make them a very seasoned peddler of endtimes harm? How much is a person worth as a dead Covid victim? How far is the Russian army from the Dnieper River? The WEF says that pedophiles will save the ___! What is happening April 28 in Salem, Massachusetts?  Please join Steven and Bonnie as prophecy is converted to headlines.



Hurt by mRNA vaxx? Have another one designed to fix your heart injury: 1.10

Studies (CDC, U.K. Govt and Oxford) show dangers of vaxx:

Entertaining 2-min vid re ridiculousness of “coincidence” label: 1.11

Poster of truth – vaxx not introduced for Covid; Covid introduced for vaxx: 1.7

Public turns on vaxxes, 87% say no: 1.7

VAERS hides kiddie-murder by not publishing age or deleting:

Warnings re jab finally going mainstream:

Crimes against babies since permission to vaxx down to 6 mos: 1.5

Swiss study – everyone who gets jabbed suffers some degree of heart damage: 1.3

“They” Want Us Dead

More Pfizer malfeasance:

Privatization of hospitals, stealing from health care: 1.9

Analysis of reports Pfizer wanted sealed for 75 years ( put out by Dr. Naomi Wolf, flagged by controllers evidently hoping to scare readers off):

Privatization of hospitals, stealing from health care: 1.9

SIDS or vaxx adverse reaction for past 30 years?:

“Correlation does not equal causation” suspension of critical analysis:

Correlation doesn’t equal causation lie, signals ignored by CDC:

Independent researchers with “conclusive evidence” of causation of cardio problems demands jab be stopped:

“Personalized therapies” – using the graphene platform of the jab?:

Colleges can make more money than tuition by receiving federal Covid funds for mandating jabs for students (not faculty):

No more animal testing required. Human rats now?:

Netherlands more deaths than births: 1.6

Very articulate cardiologist re corruption of medicine:

Vector DNA from vaxx found in surprising organs, games regulatory agencies play to hide damaging data:

Short history of Pfizer crimes:

Criminal CDC responses to FOIA requests:

Disgusting FDA members who have been rewarded with a cushy job with pharmaceuticals: 1.3

Cottage industry – medical murder:

Unvaxxed pilots wanted for WEF meeting:

mRNA vaxxes for food animals for at least 6 years:

Pfizer sold vaxx to world via fraud:

5G is kill weapon:

Most pharma co’s roots are in chemical production used in WWII:

Present and Coming War

Robo lawyer, representative, party leader, etc. Humans needed? No.: 1.10

Ukraine trying to conscript any male they see, often unsuccessfully: 1.9

Will NATO Poland invade western Ukraine to regain territory/open second front against Russia?:

Belarus drafts all makes 16-60:

Russia to assassinate Lukashenko to control Belarus:

Ukraine making dirty bombs for drones?:

Ukraine army defeated at Soledar, starving/frostbitten/demoralized:

NATO and Russia will fight each other?:

War against America/West

Bio weapon against west:

McCarthy at WEF:

Facial recognition – most people at J6 were feds:

J6 “Uprising” and death of Babbit just another government-orchestrated propaganda exercise to widen our political divide? :

Brazil’s shaman just like J6 shaman, globo trap for civil war? :

NJ to teach “information literacy,” i e, how to avoid truth and obey?:

Canada to kill babies up to 1 yr. if mom thinks baby not progressing normally: :

Striking analogy of Christmas 2022 and Herod killing babies to prevent Messiah:

How/when was the coup that defeated America?:

US civil war needed to establish martial law and occupying UN troops:
Legal framework already in place for US dictatorship:

Per H. Gruver, missiles surround US:

Euthanasia in Canada leading cause of death:


Planned future with total “smart” control: 1.10

Week Jan 9-13, WHO to finalize global health regulations, binding upon signatory countries:

Digital ID, avoid:

8-min vid explaining frauds of climate change and CBDC’s:

Creepy AI robot with soul-envy: 1.6

G-20 calls for global digital health passport:

WEF warning that digital ID’s will be required to access the internet: 1.5

UK to weaken unions? Feudalism/slave-master soon?: 1.5

Norway – no gas cars by 2025: 1.4

Greta Thunberg ad promoting 1000-year reign of false messiah: 1.3

World has prurient interest in robots, will be animated?: 1.3

Agenda 2030, EU, you must upgrade your home pursuant to Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (>$100k):

Schwab – in 10 years we’ll all have brain implant:

Gates et al vaxxing herds/flocks in Africa: 1.4

Ardern, New Zealand, demoting non-compliers (unvaxxed) to pariah status: 1.4

Harrari-AI doctors better; people electronically monitored by AI:

Human composting a step toward Soylent Green?: 1.3

1995 footage from Dr. Deagle re purpose of vaxxes:
Net zero possible only if half of us gone:
Salem Mass. to host largest ever satanic gathering:

What is Hexennacht?

Blood Sacrifice to the Beast, April 19-May 1:
Hararri’s pedophile WEF future:

WEF calls for legalization of pedophilia “to save the world”:
Pedophiles will save humanity:

Seat is Satan in CERN?: