The four-gospel accounts of Yeshua’s crucifixion and third-day resurrection do not seem to flow as smoothly as we might like them to.

Collectively, the four gospel narratives appear moderately disjointed and, in some cases, downright confusing! Suppose you have done any severe and previous comparison readings of all the chronology, as many biblical scholars have done throughout the centuries. In that case, you will know precisely what many of these issues are all about.

With today’s podcast, Episode 120 and Part 7, I will continue analyzing the final days of Yeshua’s Passover week leading to his crucifixion and third-day resurrection. I’ll introduce you to the basis of the timeline based on Exodus 12:1-2 and John 12:1 and what shaped the events of Yeshua’s final week to become 27 main events over the course of ten days.

To help you follow along with today’s lesson, I encourage you to navigate my website and access a copy of the Chronology Calendar of Events on Exhibits “A” and “B.” You will likely need this if you want to follow the biblical study material I’ll share today. Here is a link to access the page where you can find the podcast study helps: